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Does REALRIDER® record my speed?

It’s the number one question we’re asked – and the answer is NO!

The system uses GPS to track your route. The REALRIDER® crash detection system is triggered when sensors detect an impact. None of the information is recorded. There is no record of your speed or any other telemetry.

Will my data be sold to third parties, such as insurance or claims management companies?

Your data is not sold to any third parties. For more information, please see our privacy policy here.

How does crash detection work?

Monitoring key sensors in your smartphone, the app looks for changes that occur during a crash, such as rapid deceleration and tumbling motion followed by a period of no movement. If a crash is detected, an alert is triggered and sent to the emergency services via 9-1-1.

When you download the REALRIDER® app you will be invited to subscribe to the crash detection service. On subscribing you will be asked to input your medical details to activate the service.

You must ensure REALRIDER® is open and set to ‘Record’ whenever you go out for a ride to be covered by our crash detection service.

You must have your phone notifications switched on for the crash detection to work.

Should you be involved in an accident, REALRIDER® will trigger and set off a ‘crash detected’ alarm on your phone for approximately two minutes. If you are OK, you can deactivate the alert manually by pressing the screen.

If the alert remains untouched and you continue not to move, the phone will send your exact location and medical details to 9-1-1 who will then transfer the information to the nearest Ambulance Control Room. You will be called to see if you are OK.

Does the app contact my family or friends if I have an accident?

No.  This is to avoid causing undue distress to loved ones who are not on the scene and therefore cannot be sure of the situation. It also prevents multiple, and sometimes conflicting, calls into 9-1-1 from worried well-wishers, which can put the service under pressure from dealing with multiple sources of limited information. REALRIDER® ensures trained professionals manage the alert and welfare of the rider directly.

What phones are compatible with REALRIDER®?

Most modern iPhone and Android smartphones will be compatible. Phones that don’t allow for GPS route recording or contain the minimum sensors required for the crash detection to function (such as an accelerometer and compass) won’t be available for downloading the app.

REALRIDER® for iPhone requires iOS 8.1 or later. It is compatible with iPad and iPhone 4 and above. Android will require a minimum software version of 5.0 and above. We cannot guarantee that REALRIDER® will be available across the full range of Android devices due to the variety of specifications and hardware of handsets. We are, however, continually striving to make REALRIDER® available on as many of the emerging manufacturers of Android handsets as possible.

What countries does REALRIDER® work in?

REALRIDER® can be used anywhere in the world for recording routes, adding points of interest, photos, comments and videos. You can connect with friends and store essential bike information.

The crash detection service is currently available across Canada and the UK. This includes England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It is not available in the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.

Will crash detection trigger if I drop my phone?

Dropping your phone will not trigger a crash detection alert. After pressing ‘Record’ REALRIDER® starts monitoring your phone’s sensors when you are riding. Our ‘Auto Pause’ technology uses satellite data to ensure that the crash detection service is only active when you are travelling above 20mph.

Auto Pause automatically pauses the crash detection service during coffee or fuel stops and automatically resumes when you start riding again.

Please note: If you manually pause ‘Record’ you will need to resume recording before you set off again or the crash detection service will not be operational.

How do I cancel my crash detection subscription?

If purchased in-app via the App Store or Google Play, go to ‘Profile’ and select ‘Cancel Subscription’ in Settings.

If you subscribed at, log into your REALRIDER® account online, open the Settings menu (using the gear icon) and select ‘Cancel Crash Detection’.

If you cancel your subscription the crash detection service will be deactivated at the end of your billing period. No refunds will be made for subscriptions already paid.

What happens if I have a fall but don’t need an ambulance?

The main crash alert countdown gives a rider 120 seconds to deactivate. Failure to deactivate will result in a call from a 9-1-1 operator.

If you are OK, you can simply deactivate within 120 seconds or answer the call. If you do not manage to do either, simply call 9-1-1 and tell the operator that the REALRIDER® app sent an alert and that you missed their call.

There is no comeback, no finger-pointing, no associated charges and no follow-up from any unwanted or unexpected third parties.

I had an accident but REALRIDER® did not trigger a crash alert and I did not receive a call from 9-1-1

REALRIDER® follows a tried and tested process to determine whether a rider requires assistance following a crash. The app is designed to send a rider’s location, contact and medical data if NO movement is detected.

In cases where a rider crashes but gets up, walks around or moves beyond a set GPS radius, REALRIDER® will not move to the final crash alert stage. This is a 120-second countdown with vibration and audio prompts. In this case, the rider’s location, contact and medical information will be automatically sent to 9-1-1 unless the alert is cancelled.

Where does the ‘Report Bike Stolen’ information go?

The REALRIDER® app is integrated into Facebook so you can alert your network of friends if your bike is stolen. When selected, the ‘Report Bike Stolen’ will publish the picture and registration number of your bike together with a description if added to linked social media accounts.

How much data will the app use when recording?

REALRIDER® uses GPS to monitor your ride but it doesn’t use any data unless you are viewing the map.

Once you have finished recording, if you want to save your ride, a typical two-hour route without comments and photos uses around 1MB of data. To prevent data usage, we recommend you only sync route data, photos and comments over WiFi.

What happens if the phone battery dies?

If your phone battery dies while using REALRIDER® the app will stop working. Newer smartphones can power REALRIDER® during a ride for around 5 hours.

Battery life also depends on how many other apps are running in the background or whether the phone automatically checks for data (e.g. emails) regularly.

We recommend you carry a battery pack. Look for ones with an AMH of 6,500 and above. This is the charge the pack can hold, and generally powers phones from flat several times on a single charge. The higher the AMH the more charge it can hold. Battery packs are inexpensive and readily available online.

To improve battery life while using REALRIDER®, ensure you lock the screen before you set off. Try quitting non-essential apps or those that are running in the background. Older phones can suffer from poor battery performance.

Will crash detection work if I mount my phone on the bike?

The app is specifically designed to be on the rider. This is because in an accident it is rare that the bike and rider are found in the same place. Keeping the phone on you greatly assists the ambulance service in locating you quickly and efficiently.

What happens if I am out of cell phone signal range?

In the event of a crash, REALRIDER® requires a network connection and cellular signal. The network connection is needed to send a very small data packet (about 1.5kb) to the 9-1-1 service, and the cellular signal is required for the 9-1-1 operator to call your phone. If there is absolutely no network coverage, then REALRIDER® cannot send the data.

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