12 Months Crash Detection

The only 999 certified app on the market; REALRIDER® crash detection technology connects you to the nearest ambulance service in your time of need. This life saving technology detects an impact by monitoring key sensors in your smartphone. It does NOT monitor your speed.

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Assigned a category Green 2 ambulance response classification means that any triage process is conducted by a trained emergency medical dispatcher and commanding ambulance dispatch, with sirens and flashing lights, within 30 minutes of the alert.

In order to avoid undue distress and conflicting calls into 999, friends and family are purposefully not contacted in the event of a REALRIDER® crash activation by the app.

All data sent to 999 is secured 365 days a year via an emergency router, managed by BT Global Services.

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REALRIDER® crash detection subscription, normally £3.99 per month, includes free route planning, recording and sharing with a growing community of riders. These features are still available should you decide not to subscribe to the crash detection service when your 12 month subscription expires.