TransAlpina (Route 67c)

This is the one we’ve all been waiting for… The TransAlpina route! Catching up with Doug, his travels have taken him through some breath-taking places; but this one… this one is extra special. Let Doug take you through his journey: “I’m in Saliste around 30km’s east of the start of the Transalpina at Sebes. I’m […]

Pick of the week: Hey good looking…

The results of a new survey have finally validated what we all know to be true: bikers are more attractive than car drivers. The study, by Carole Nash, asked over 1000 adults to rate the looks of the opposite sex when dressed in normal clothes and riding kit. In five out of six cases, members of […]

Moving on – Szeged to Saliste…

After eventually reaching Szeged and picking up some handy advice from a local biker – Doug’s plans took him across the Romanian border to reach Saliste, at the edge of the Cindrel Mountains. Here’s what he got up to: “Today is all about getting the head down, pounding out the miles and getting myself in […]

Brno to Esztergom via Bratislava…

When we last left Doug he was heading to find camp on the outskirts of Brno. Too tired to press on and find a different camp he bedded down for the night, hoping to get some well-deserved rest. Here Doug recounts the next leg of his journey… “I had hoped today would be a rest […]

Calling all REALRIDER’s

Are you planning a trip this summer? Fancy sharing your routes, photos and recommendations with the REALRIDER ® community and beyond? REALRIDER’s Doug Bell, Iain Harper, Karen Shepherd and Mark McCulla have done just that. Check out their adventures at #realriderselfies across facebook, twitter and instagram or read more in-depth features as we track their […]

To Prague and Beyond: Part 2

When we last left Doug he was off to find a place to rest after a stressful hour or so getting into the centre of Prague. In the blazing heat, with no water and angry traffic wardens moving him on we aren’t surprised he was fed up. On a brighter note, his latest diary entry […]

Karen’s adventures through Germany #realriderselfies

Karen Shepherd has delved into a dream journey for most motorcyclists by riding through the Alpenstraße, German Alpine roads. Karen has seen some amazing sights, taken some beautiful photos and used the REALRIDER® App to record some fantastic routes and added some great points of interest. The REALRIDER® Team are looking forward to seeing which places Karen […]

Two weeks in… #realriderselfies across Europe.

Two weeks ago, REALRIDER® Doug Bell embarked upon a trip around Europe on his Kawasaki Z1000SX. Doug is writing a blog to keep the team at REALRIDER® HQ updated on how he’s getting on. With a few setbacks Doug seems to be back on track with his adventure and has really started to make the […]