As we launch our ‘Guest Blog’ series at REALRIDER®, we are pleased to introduce our first ‘Guest Poster’ – GetGeared who kicks things off with a focus on the key biking essentials. Specialising in providing motorcycle clothing, parts and accessories, as well as camping and camera equipment, GetGeared is the UK’s largest independent stockist of favourite biking brands including Alpinestars, Held and REV’T!. Check out what biking gear they’ve got online or in either of their two stores in Leeds, Yorkshire and Leatherhead, Surrey.

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There are so many things as a motorcyclist you could carry just in case, but when space is tight, it’s hard to decide what is essential. Here is our list of 5 essentials we wouldn’t leave home without.

1. Rainwear

Riding in the UK means there is always the chance of rain. Be prepared for whatever the elements throw at you with light, packable waterproofs. A great option from Alpinestars is the Quick Seal out 2-piece suit. They’re compact, lightweight garments, which fold away into their own small carry bag when not in use, easily fitting into your tank bag or rucksack. They’re 100% waterproof meaning you stay dry when the weather turns for the worse.



The REALRIDER app is something every motorcyclist should have! It’s designed specifically for bikers, by bikers. The REALRIDER app is a great way to keep you connected to the biking community. It features route recording technology, the ability to plan, store, and share routes and locations, with the ability to store critical bike information all in one place. But, what you really want this app for is REALsafe. REALsafe is their award-winning, lifesaving crash detection technology. REALsafe Monitors key sensors in your Smartphone, looking for changes that occur during a crash; such as rapid deceleration and a tumbling motion followed by a period of no movement. If a crash is detected, an alert is triggered and sent to the emergency services. The REALRIDER app is free to download and use. However, if you wish to access REALsafe there is a small subscription fee, payable annually or monthly.


3. Under seat tool kit

It’s a great idea to have a basic set of tools with you, just in case your motorcycle breaks down, or if you simply need to adjust your chain. Make sure the tool kit contains the types of wrenches and sockets that are compatible with your motorcycle. The Oxford under seat tool kit is a great option, containing wire cutters, long nosed pliers, an Allen Key set 2-6mm, 2 x electrical screwdrivers, extension bar, screwdriver bit set, socket set 5-11mm and a bit of room left for you to add any other tools you need.


4. Tyre repair/puncture repair kit

We’ve all been there. Stuck at the side of the road with a flat tyre, miles from anywhere or anyone that can help. Tyre inflation foam is great quick fix that can help you get to the nearest garage or tyre fitter in a pinch. Tyre inflation foam such as Tyreweld puncture repair, is a compact solution in a can that can be stored under your motorbike seat or in a pannier. Tyreweld inflates your tyre and seals the puncture so that you can ride to safety. You won’t need tools, and you won’t need to remove the wheel. Simply follow the instructions on the can and you’re good to go!


5. Ear plugs

Wind noise can damage your hearing in as little as 15 minutes. It’s important to protect your hearing with ear plus, especially if you do long distances at speed. Auritech ear plugs protect motorcyclists from wind & road noise, yet do not muffle your hearing, so you maintain total awareness of the situation around you. It’s like turning down the volume of the wind and the road, while keeping conversation, intercoms, and sirens clearly audible. Basically, the ear plugs filter out harmful frequencies. A small channel allows voice, music and essential cues from the world around you to be heard, while protecting the ear from the harmful rumblings.


Want to hear from real bikers offering their personal perspective on riding or view commentary from a number of influential people and companies within the world of motorcycling? Keep an eye out for new guest posts, coming over next few weeks and months. Want to get involved? Interested in becoming a guest blogger for REALRIDER®, get in touch at biking@realrider.com



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