Bike& Launches New Service


This week, we welcome our next ‘Guest Poster’ – Bike& as they launch their new motorcycle clothing price comparison site, comparing product prices from across a range of motorcycle clothing retailers.

“Purchasing riding gear can be a tedious and an exhausting process. The fact that you’re buying new gear is exciting, but the process itself can be anything but. The sheer number of retailers selling similar or the same thing is enough to give anyone a headache.

You scroll through each site looking at their prices, then move on to the next one and do the same. By the time you get to the third one, you have forgotten what the first site had to offer. We know this is extremely time consuming and frustrating. With this in mind and to make navigating the endless options easier, we have decided to create our motorcycle clothing price comparison on our own website. Our goal is simple: create the best and most comprehensive motorcycle clothing comparison for anyone to use.


How does it work?

Simple. Start by clicking on your desired product, whether that’s leather suits, jackets, helmets, gloves, boots, etc. And that’s your part done. Our site then shows you a full list of relevant products across multiple stores complete with price and reviews. No complicated navigation back and forth required.


At the moment, we are working with four keys biking shops including Sportsbikeshop, GetGeared, Ghost Bikes and Demon Tweaks with new retailers being added regularly. In doing so we can increase the product offer each day meaning that you get more information and insight into the best deals in real time, with prices tracked and updated live.

So … no more switching between tabs or writing down prices on a piece of paper. Buying motorcycle gear and finding the best deal or most affordable product is simply a click away. Our customised ‘filter’ system, helps you track down the right product for you with all of the features that you might want. If for example you need a carbon fiber helmet with a D-ring chin strap and an internal sun visor, you can simply use the filter section to select the relevant preferences. In this case, all you have to do is select helmets, then tick the carbon fiber option, the D-ring chin strap and the internal sun visor one. The search will automatically generate a list of all the available products matching your search criteria. Shop away!




We aren’t stopping there though. Check out our ‘Exclusive Discounts’, where we have agreed further discounts on specific products with certain retailers.  These exclusive prices are unique and available to Bike&Rider customers only.  They are signified by the green pulsating circles over the product images.

We are the only website to offer this comparison service specifically for motorcycle clothing and accessories. Don’t miss out – save money, receive exclusive discounts and more importantly save your precious time.”

To visit Bike&Rider’s new motorcycle clothing comparison site click here.

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