Pick of the week: Introducing the world’s first motorcycle foot heater

Suffer from cold feet whilst out riding? Well fear no more. Three biking buddies have come up with a clever solution to cold feet. The Gecktec HotFoot system has been designed to keep your feet warm on those colder, more challenging days. A similar concept to heated grips they operate without the need for batteries, wires or of course wearing numerous pairs of thick socks.

“Wouldn’t it be great to have heated grips for your feet?” was the question that sparked the idea, and from there on in the group of friends have brought the HotFoot system from prototype to final product.


The HotFoot system is pretty simple; consisting of a flat, oval-shaped induction coil which uses electro-magnetic energy to heat a metal insole that’s inserted into a rider’s boot. The reason behind choosing an induction coil is because it only uses power when there’s metal close to it. The system will only start to generate heat when your boot (with the metal insole inserted) is placed onto the foot peg.

Powered on full, the unit will draw just 1.5 Amps, and from there it will drop to 1A on the medium setting and then 0.7A on low. The system also has a ‘boost’ mode, and this allows the rider to bring their boots up to temperature at a quicker rate, however this will only draw the heat for two minutes. Whilst the heat is being generated, all the time the HotFoot plate which is mounted onto your foot pegs stays completely cold.


Now for some mechanics. The aluminium box which is placed out of the way on your bike needs to be wired to the battery (normally via a start-up relay) and this has a bar-mounted switch. The technology inside of the box controls everything; from the output level to converting the bikes direct current into alternating current. The unit is available with a cooling fan, and this is for when the box needs to fitted behind a fairing for example.

As like anything, the performance of the system does depend on a few things. In this case, it’s on the thickness of the rider’s boot’s sole. The suggested thickness is around 10-16mm and this is where the rider will experience optimum performance. However, Gecktec also sell boots with the insoles already fitted.

insole POW

A British-built, patent-pending, and unique product. Retailing at £295 for the HotFoot AW1 which includes the level control and boost settings, or £245 for the HotFoot AW2 which stays at a certain level without the option to chop and change; it gets a thumbs up from the REALRIDER® Team.

To find out more visit www.gecktec.com

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