Pick of the Week: Armed Police to use motorcycles in event of a london terror attack

In the wake of the recent terror attacks across Europe, Metropolitan Police Chief Sir Bernard Hogan-How has announced the deployment of more armed officers across London including at major landmarks.

A key tactic of this activity focuses on the use of motorbikes to get police officers to the scene of an attack as quickly as possible.

It is believed the introduction of officers riding pillion on grey BMW F800GSs will reduce response times, beating gridlocked traffic in the capital. Officers will be allowed to mount kerbs and go off road in the event of an attack.

Armed officers on patrol in central London

An elite counter-terrorism officer told Sky News: “Traffic can be gridlocked at the best of times – certainly in the times of an attack.

“We’ve looked at tactics and pillion riding with motorcycles gives us a very fast and effective response. The guys practice riding off road so they can bump up and down across pavements and make really good progress from A to B.”

The armed bike patrols will be set aside for use in the event of an attack only. They form part of a new wave of security measures and 600 extra specialist firearms trained marksmen aimed at “confronting terrorists”.

Clad in grey Kevlar body armour and carrying a cache of weapons including sniper rifles, automatic assault rifles, handguns, submachine guns and tasers, the armed response teams will also be trained to operate on water, and to abseil down onto buildings.

Elite counter-terrorism officers patrol on the River Thames

They will also carry state-of-the art support gear including battering rams and heavy cutting equipment.