Pick of the week: Free motorcycle App keeping riders safe and connected is LIVE

The new REALRIDER® App is live and ready to download on iOS and Android. Featuring life-saving crash detection technology, worldwide route recording, the ability to plan, store and share routes and a facility to store critical bike information in one place, REALRIDER® is free and has everything a biker needs and more.


Used by over 25,000 bikers, its award-winning crash detection technology REALsafe®, is the only 999-integrated App on the market. Should you or your loved ones be in an accident, paramedics will be sent your last known location an pre-programmed medical details with an ambulance  dispatched within 30 minutes of the alert.

Easy to connect with your mates, the App allows you to see and comment on each other’s routes. You can even use it to share photos, videos and start conversations about your adventures, offering top tips and sharing knowledge with friends on routes, biking locations, and events.

And if you’re like us, one of the things you will need are reminders. Input MOT’s, service and other bike information including tyre pressures, insurance and breakdown policies and receipts into the App which will sync to your phone and send reminders when renewals are due. The App will even post a social media alert into Facebook if your bike is stolen.



Teaming up with key motorcycle brands including BMW Motorrad, IAM, TranAm, TomTom®, Kymco and Michelin, REALRIDER’s will also get exclusive access to unique offers and deals from manufacturers and retailers.



Featured on Sky News, BBC Click, MCN, Ride, MSL and The Daily Telegraph the App is free to download and use. All features are available on installation except its built-in crash detection system, REALsafe® which is an in-App subscription service and costs £2.99 a month or £30 per year purchasable at www.realrider.com/realsafe.*

Discover over 4000 biking points of interest, including dealerships, petrol stations, and biker meet up points, stay up to date with the latest gear and gadgets and polish up your technique with access to hours of expert video tuition NOW.


*REALsafe® crash detection can also be purchased in App for £3.99 per month of £35.99 annual (Google Play and App Store fees apply). 999-integrated crash detection is currently only available in the UK.