Pick of the Week: Riding The Pacific Coast Highway

While on a business trip to Los Angeles recently, the chance to ride a Harley Davidson Fat Boy up the sun-soaked Pacific Highway was too good an opportunity to turn down. After all, i’d left my usual 90 mile commute to and from Newcastle in Autumn for the 34 degrees heat of Southern California – how could I resist?

Riding for the first time in America was one thing but making the transition from a progressive body position on my BMW R1200RS to the relaxed position of the Harley took some time to get my head around. Still, I was there to have as much fun as I could find during my limited window of downtime. 


Chris from EagleRider’s Santa Monica branch was a legend. Situated a few miles from the Pacific Coast Highway, they were ideally located to give the best opportunity to ride as much of it as I could. The paperwork was straight forward and he sorted me out with a jacket and open face helmet. After a quick tour of the controls I was ready to go. 

The first few miles down Santa Monica Boulevard were a little daunting. Adapting quickly to the bike’s controls was one thing, but getting to grips with an alien road layout was the biggest challenge. Once down onto the Highway I began to relax into it. My destination wasn’t specifically planned, I had a few hours to play with so that gave me some flexibility to just head up the coast and see what took my fancy.


The biggest disappointment for me was the fact that I didn’t have my GoPro with me. The views were just stunning. On one side were million dollar houses stretching up the mountains and the other equally as luxurious beach houses flanked by golden sands. Surfers appeared to be in their element as the swell provided some decent rip curls. 

I literally didn’t stop smiling for all 55 miles of my brief ride. I stopped at the Paradise Cove Beach Bar to grab a coke and admire the sea views as I needed to cool down. The 34 degree heat was one thing but the twin exhaust from the Fat Boy was baking my right leg. But that exhaust…the sound of the twin was incredible as it popped when I rolled back off the throttle.

Heading back to Santa Monica was just as incredible. Only this time I had uninterrupted views of the ocean and the smell of the beach was much more prominent. By the time I got back to EagleRider I was by no way finished. I could have ridden for hours. Next time I’ll be better prepared, and yes there will be a next time…

Andrew travelled to California last week as one of the Innovate UK delegates for Space Mission 3. Privileged to be one of the few asked to attend, Realsafe Technologies® the company behind REALRIDER® the motorcycle App that keeps riders safe and connected, took part in a series of visits to leading-edge companies and technology hubs.  

The mission builds on the companies growing US credentials, winning a US Edison award in the health and wellbeing category in April and only last month attending and presenting at the 9-1-1 (NENA) national conference in Ohio.