We never really know when the white stuff may make an appearance. Whether you get caught out, or are feeling brave, the team at RRHQ have put together some handy tips for safe riding this winter…

#Tip 1 – Stay Warm

Thermal base layers, waterproofs, and a decent pair of gloves are vital. Concentration levels will drop if you’re cold, and could result in poor riding. Consider investing in heated gear and grips.

#Tip 2 – Avoid the compacted stuff

The fresh, powdery stuff looks rather pretty until other road users turn it into the compacted stuff, leaving you on the dangerous stuff – ice. Always best to stick to the fresh stuff, it’s way easier to ride on and is a lot less risky.

#Tip 3 – Be light on the controls

Brake long before you normally would, throttle slowly and be light on the steering making sure any inputs are gentle and controlled.

#Tip 4 – Plan your route

Think about roads that are more likely to have been cleared of snow or less likely to have ice forming on them. Be prepared for a change in weather conditions as you travel, your start point could be completely different to your end point.

#Tip 5 – Prevent yourself from fogging up

The cold weather will make your visor fog up a lot quicker (from the inside). To prevent this from happening; invest in a ‘foggy mask’ – this will stop your breath from reaching your visor, which in theory should stop you from fogging up. Alternatively, there are plenty of anti-fog sprays on the market.

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