Two weeks in… #realriderselfies across Europe.

Two weeks ago, REALRIDER® Doug Bell embarked upon a trip around Europe on his Kawasaki Z1000SX. Doug is writing a blog to keep the team at REALRIDER® HQ updated on how he’s getting on. With a few setbacks Doug seems to be back on track with his adventure and has really started to make the most of his once in a lifetime trip.

Magdeburg to Bad Schandau

“Thursday started with a leisurely ride back into the centre of Magdeburg. The Sat Nav took me in a different route giving me a different look at the town. While some of the area seems a little run down, the centre is quite beautiful, a mix of old and new architecture. Especially impressive was around the Applied Science and Engineering university campus, something more akin to a Google facility than anything I have seen before. There was lots of open space, bicycles everywhere, meeting points, cafes, even a mini amphitheatre.

doug bell university

As I criss-crossed the river Elbe I eventually found myself at a Lidl; time for breakfast. Today’s target was to be as close to the Czech border as possible, so I hit the motorway again in the direction of Dresden. The heat of the day meant frequent stops to take on fluid, and confusion with the satnav once again meant I came off the road about 20km short of where I was supposed to. This resulted in a lengthy run into the centre of Dresden in the full glare of the afternoon sun. I reach the centre of Dresden, park up the bike and go nurse a pint of ice with some coke in the air conditioned sanctuary of an Irish pub.

I still had a couple of hours riding left in me and fed up with the motorway drudge I started to look at the map. The 172 down to the border at Hrenkso looked as good a road as any so I set off. Dresden traffic is a nightmare, but once through I was climbing into the hills through forest and gentle twisties within 20 minutes. The route took me to Bad Schandau, again on the river Elbe, I knew there was a campsite up in the hills so this is where I decided to stop, but not before getting supplies at the local store.

doug bell river elbe

I then met Kris (pictured below) and his self-restored 1964 Harley soft tail. He bought it as a frame and it came with a box of parts. He had spent 4 years rebuilding the machine. We chatted for a while, he gave some advice on the local drivers and where to head.

doug bell harley

doug bell harley 2

After parting company, I headed a few km’s into the hills to find camp.”

At present, Doug is riding through Romania and is tackling one of our top 10 roads to ride in the world. The Transalpina! We can’t wait to hear from him to find out how he enjoyed this route, and fingers crossed he’s took some awesome photo’s.

Check out Doug’s trip so far on the map below. Click on the markers to view his photos.